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YouTube – Amazing schoolboy builds suction climbing machine.

I have two friend currently developing IPAD bags. Both of them are very close to this design, but this design is already real.

I think there is pleanty of room for similar designs, after all, look how many different ways there are to carry lipstick, keys.

This is a  really interesting design from PeasantsandTravelers. I love the idea of using a manila folder for an i-pad case, it’s practical, and also looks dope. Check out the video below for more spec

Monkee Design – Industrial Design Blog/ Student Resource – Metro-Envelope Ipad Bag.

A life-size model of the RD concept car, the winning project in the 5th Peugeot design competition, was  presented to the Chinese public.

The subject for thisedition of the competition was “Imagine the Peugeot in the Worldwide Megalopolis of tomorrow, and it was a resounding success with over 2 500 projects submitted from candidates of 95 different nationalities.

The winning concept car: Peugeot RD designed by Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar


This concept car combines the sensations of a 3-wheeled scooter with the driving pleasure of a saloon car, while retaining all the essential functions of both modes of transport… and while adding a silent environment.

As you would expect, being accessible, solid and extremely simply designed, the Peugeot RD concept car fits perfectly with the complicated mobility constraints you would encounter in a megalopolis of the future.


via 5th Peugeot design competition: life-size model of the RD concept car!.

Although Gerry Judah’s latest creation is highly reminiscent of his previous work for Audi, the Alfa Romeo Centenary Sculpture is magnificent nonetheless.

Shaped in the form of the Italian marque’s iconic Cloverleaf badge, Judah wanted to celebrate the spirit of Alfa Romeo by showcasing two of the brand’s most important cars at the center of his work: the new Alfa 8C Competizione – the supercar which has won numerous international awards – and the Alfa P2 Grand Prix which won the Automobile World Championship in 1925.

“With such a vast and rich heritage, trying to encapsulate all that is great about Alfa Romeo was no easy task,” said Judah. “So many factors played a part in the creative process, from the beauty of the cars themselves which are often art forms in their own right, to the passion the marque shows and holds in so many hearts – I felt it was important that the sculpture complemented and expressed these messages.”

Alfa Romeo’s Magnificent Centenary Sculpture (5 pics) – My Modern Metropolis.

I love this home office set. Very clean and simple.

I have some ideas how it could be more fuctional with out changing the look. But I’ll keep them to my self.

Buro – Home, Office Desk by Keith Xianrong Zheng for Habitat

It’s a desk that is perfect for your work, but once you shut the cover down, it transforms into an elegant side table. Clever! Designer: Keith Xianrong Zheng for Habitat




Buro – Home, Office Desk by Keith Xianrong Zheng for Habitat » Yanko Design.

A one-day event organized by UnderConsideration on the development of corporate and brand identity projects by some of today’s most active and influential practitioners from around the world.

with Michael Johnson JOHNSON BANKS London

Michael Lejeune METRO DESIGN STUDIO Los Angeles

Michael Bierut and Paula Scher PENTAGRAM New York


Tom Dorresteijn STUDIO DUMBAR Rotterdam

Connie Birdsall LIPPINCOTT New York

Jordan Crane and Karl Heiselman WOLFF OLINS New York

Erik Spiekermann EDENSPIEKERMANN AG Amsterdam, Berlin, Stuttgart

Brand New Conference: Nov. 05, 2010 New York City.

Hiya!, street fighter kid so freaking cute, isn’t she adorable?

My jaded gamer heart, it has no defence against such cuteness. She’s gonna break some hearts and kick some shins someday…


Okay, in a battle of epic adorableness, who would win — Voltron girl or Chun Li?

I’d say that little girl is the destroyer of worlds. If I was in a street fight and she was the new challenger that appeared, I’d run for my life.


This Voltron suit is pretty damn Cute too.

via The Cutest Lil Chun Li You Ever Did See – Geekologie.


Designer Kara Bartlet takes the term “green lighting” literally with her LIVE LAMP, a glass orb cloaked in a beautiful lace-like plant covering.


The lamp is part of the new line by to(HOLD) (available on Etsy), and uses the low-maintenance Fuschii V Gracillis Tillandsia species, which is kept alive by the glow of a CFL bulb. The plants require only UV rays, air, and a weekly spray of water.

via Plant-Covered LIVE LAMP – Design Green | Blog on.

now this is how you rethink an old design

Panton Chair by Jump Studios

Via SpaceInvading, customised Panton Chairs by architects and designers who were asked to “present their unique idea for the classic design piece” by Vitra. Above, the winner of the British Panton Chair Competition by Jump Studios.

See the other winners and losers here

via Panton Chair by Jump Studios.

Via @designboom, a space saving coffee table that can easily be transformed into a chair by lifting and turning over the hinged seat. There’s even a shelving compartment under the seat. More at Wing Fung Ng.

via Changeable Table/ Chair by Wing Fung Ng.