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“Wise One,”  made from wood, each piece uses materiality in a unique way to prove that not everything needs to be made from plastic. The lamps are popping up in boutiques across Europe and other locations, listed here.

Mammalampa’s Natural Lamps – Design Green | Blog on Interior Design.


Each of the piecesi s made from wool felt without the use of any fasteners, so they are easy to learn how to make. Craftsystems was founded by Aurelie Tu, an industrial designer who has long been committed to community-based design and women’s issues in Portland.

Craftedsystems Combines Community and Design – Design Green | Blog on Interior Design.

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Founded by Andrea Summerton, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), ALS Designs believes in “providing ‘healthy’ furniture.” She’s not just talking about sustainable materials, though that too is important to her designs. She’s talking about “safe, non-toxic materials.” ALS explains: “Many consumers are unaware of the cost a piece of furniture can have on their health.” But you can rest easy when you choose a piece by ALS Designs.