PROSPECTOR Galvanized Metal Storage Box by appendageandbough

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Charles Perretti. Has a new collection of art work

showing at Mike Page Style Lab, San Francisco California.

Febuary 7 – March 31 2013

Tape on Wood, Paint, Acrylic Resin.

12″ x 12″

$100-$200 For sale now.

Contact info Here.

Charles Perretti.


VideoLean is the platform where you can explain what’s your startup about through an explanatory video. Make templated videos quickly and cheaply without film-making knowhow.

via VideoLean – Beta List.

Deckadance on the Behance Network.

Hand Lettering II on the Behance Network.


Muffle helps big companies have control over what their users tweet. Muffle aims to help mitigate PR disasters whilst also helping the companies to capitalise of PR positives. Examples of our potential clients would be a football club and its footballers, a political party and its politicians, a PR firm and it’ clients. Any brand that has individual directly or indirectly tweet on their behalf.

Muffle – Beta List.

There’s a lot of stuff out there in the big, wide world — and sorting through it all can be quite a challenge. We’ve been rounding up the best products on the market this year — everything from sofa beds to dish racks — to make your shopping excursions a little easier.

Best Sleeper Sofas & Sofa Beds 2012 — There are a lot of painful sofa beds out there. Don’t worry – we rounded up the best of the lot.
Best Modern Dog Crates 2012 — Give your woofers his own modern home in the house.
Best Rocking Chairs — These ain’t your grandma’s old fashioned rocking chairs!
Best Dish Racks & Drainers 2012 — Not all dish racks are created equal. Some are super stylish and some do a better job than others.
Best Large Garbage Cans 2012 — Every home needs a garbage can so it may as well be stylish!

Best Outdoor Dining Tables 2012 — Dining alfresco is one of life’s simple pleasures.
Best Outdoor Dining Chairs 2012 — What’s an outdoor dining table without chairs?
Best Shoe Racks, Cabinets & Stands 2012 — So many shoes, so little space.
Best Wall Mount Hooks & Coat Racks 2012 — Get your entryway ready for fall and winter! Create a place for stashing your jacket, bag and keys right by the door.
Best Bar Stools & Counter Stools 2012 — Who needs a bar like “Cheers” when you can create your own at home?

Is there a product you’d like to see a “Best” list for? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and we’ll try to make it happen!

Best of the Best … So Far: The Best of Apartment Therapy’s Annual Guides | Apartment Therapy.

01. Typedia

Typedia is run by many leading designers who love type, including Dan Mall and Jason Santa Maria

Typedia is a brilliant resource for anyone who’s interested in Typography but doesn’t know where to start. The site is run by many leading designers who simply love type, including Jason Santa Maria, Dan Mall and Liz Danzico. Typedia describes itself ’like a mix between IMDb and Wikipedia, just for type. Anyone can join, add and edit pages for typefaces or for the people behind the type.’

02. I Love Typography

Tumblr blog I Love Typography was founded by graphic designer John Boardley

I Love Typography was founded by British-born writer, publisher and graphic designer John Boardley. Now one the world’s most popular fonts and typography blogs, ILT has amassed its huge following from the wealth of brilliant tips, training advice, news and interviews it features on the subject of type.

03. Friends of Type

Friends of Type is run by four primary contributors, Erik Marinovich, Aaron Carámbula, Jason Wong and Dennis Payongayong

Friends of Type is a type and lettering sketchblog run by Erik Marinovich, Aaron Carámbula, Jason Wong and Dennis Payongayong. A great resource, these four designers continually upload original typographic design and lettering. There’s no messing about either, not a thumbnail in sight just pages full of huge, gorgeous images to inspire you.

04. has a dedicated learning section, which provides useful information about the typographic arts has a dedicated learning section, which provides useful and relevant information about the typographic arts. Here you can learn everything from the foundations of type and practical uses to numbers, signs and symbols and the fundamentals of type technology.

05. Fonts In Use

top typography resources Fonts In Use is an independent project from designers Sam Berlow, Stephen Coles and Nick Sherman

Fonts In Use does exactly what it says on the tin, or website in this case, showcasing type at work in the real world. Many of the examples are also accompanied by a write-up to give you a true understand as to why that particular font was chosen for the job. This is a great resource for artists unsure about picking fonts for individual projects.

I’m looking for a new site to host my art portfolio. I’ve been asking around and I keep hearing about these sites so I’m reposting this list from

1. Coroflot (36% of the votes)

No surprises here. Billed as “the largest, most established, most diverse pool of professional creative portfolios in the world,” no one doubts that this is one massive site. Launched in 1998, Coroflot hosts over 1.4 million creative images for over 150,000 creatives. There are no membership requirements, invites, or application processes. They also have a very nice and well-integrated job board. Bonus!

2. Behance Network (20%)

Many of our agents will been attending a sampling of Behance’s 468 Online Portfolio reviews taking place around the world from May 14th through 21st, but the site’s been on the radar for lots of creatives since they launched in 2006. Garnishing millions of pageviews a month, Behance lets you create a truly stunning portfolio connected that’s connected to the design community via activity feeds, groups, collections, etc. Not only is this site beautiful, it’s a truly effective tool to build your portfolio.

3. Carbonmade (16%)

What started out as one designer’s frustration at the pain and expense of putting his illustration work online, Carbonmade has turned into home for nearly 400,000 portfolios. Though it doesn’t have the social media bells and whistles that Behance and Coroflot have, the fact that it’s a straightforward portfolio site that’s incredibly easy to use makes it appealing. Plus, it’s got a unicorn on the landing page, come on, that’s worth bonus points.
4. Cargo (12%)

Cargo offers their members a stunning way to create freestanding personal websites with their own URL, but it comes with a catch: you must be invited to join. Don’t be too disheartened, Cargo awards memberships to a number of people who contact them and share their work with the staff. The site is divided into both a front side, which is the public website, and the back side, which connects them to fellow Cargo members.

5. Dribbble (4%)

Much like Carbonmade, Dribbble began as a side project, this time for Rich Thornett and Dan Cederholm, one of whom felt he was a pro basketball player trapped in the body of a software developer (which explains the running basketball theme throughout). Designers share small screenshots of designs and apps they’re working on which can either be arranged in a portfolio or explored by screenshots that can be grouped by popularity, “debuts” (new submissions), or keywords. Users can comment and critique individual pieces. A really great, very easy to use site.

If you’re looking for a more in depth review of the technical side of some of these sites, Erik Hans Rasmussen has a great post over at Vandelay Design on what makes them tick.

And remember, you can have several portfolio sites. For instance you can keep your Behance one even after Cargo offers you another. And with so many options and so many people looking for work, we’d recommend getting yourself out there. Recruiters actively troll these sites looking for new talent, and it’s a great way to get exposure to more opportunities.

Were there any other sites we missed? Send them our way!

Top 5 Free Portfolio Sites : Vitamin T.